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Revenue Administration has historically been the primary responsibility of District Administration. This involves collection and fixing of land revenue, registration, mutation and overall management in regard to land- private and public. Besides the revenue branch of the Deputy Commissioner's office, which is looked after by Assistant Commissioner (Revenue),Tehsildars are responsible for collecting land revenue (Khazna) from land owners (pattadars). All the Tehsildars and also the settlement officer are required to submit 'doul' (demand of revenue) to DC, and after his approval, Tehsildars are to collect revenue as per the demand.
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Assistant Commissioner Revenue.

Achievements of Revenue Department

Current Financial Year (2016-17)

  1. 928 Mutations attested
  2. Khas Charie Land measuring 9075 kanals evicted since Kharief 1971 till date out of 20976 kanals. 76 Kanals and 04 structures demolished in last 3 months.
  3. State land measuring 2923 Kanals evicted since Kharif 1971 till date out of 21107 Kanals
  4. Under RTI Act, 143 applications disposed of out of 143.
  5. 24 First Appeals received by FAA disposed off.
  6. 8924 applications received for issuance of PRC, all disposed off.
  7. Rs 13.72 crores disbursed for land compensation cases under PMGSY out of deposited amount 15.01 crores.
  8. Rs. 7,01,46,056.00 disbursed for land and structures coming under alignment of BRO out of deposited amount 15.66 crores.


Department Wise Details of Services Provided under PSGA from April 2016 till Date

Details of Services Provided by Revenue Department under PSGA w.e.f. April 2016 till Date

Settlement of Compassionate Appointment Cases under SRO 43

List of Documents Required for Issuance of PRC

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